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Commercial Painting

We work directly with the owners of local business such as offices, warehouses, gyms or property management companies, offering the best commercial painting services in Miami. We are experts providing the interior and exterior painting services we will finish the job as fast as we can to have less impact on your business. Request your free estimate by email or by phone at (786)475-6050 we are here to solve your painting services needs.


commercial painting services

Residential & Commercial Painting

The paint we use on the walls of our homes or offices play an important role in the spaces, in addition to being decorative, the type of paint that is selected must be the one indicated so that it lasts longer and maintain the quality depending on the environment in the found.
When a house and apartment paint service is contracted, the first thing that is evaluated is the environment, type of surface, size and type of paint to be used, since all these factors will be the ones that will leave a better result.


You have to have the appropriate materials, prepare the surface to work, select the type of paint and colors according to space, calculate the amount of paint needed, apply the color correctly and take into account certain basic suggestions.

If you do not hire a professional painter service and you want to do the painting yourself, to begin with, we recommend that you make a list of the implements you are going to use, this will help to reduce the time and you will have everything at hand when you start.

Among the basic materials you need is:
– Paintings
– Spatula
– Sandpaper
– Tirro
– Latex gloves or some similar material
– Brushes
– Rollers
– Trays and various empty containers (gallons, tobos, drums)
– Plastic and metal brushes
– Rags
– Paper, plastic or some absorbent material
– Applicator templates if necessary


For sure it is the most recurrent question when you plan to start with the painting of a specific space. Choosing the colors to paint can be based on many factors, basically, it is knowing that they want to reflect in that space, for example, it can be a space of relaxation with warmer or dynamic colors with more vivid colors like yellow, red, orange among others.

There are three theories that can help you find that ideal color for your home or office:

– Based on psychology:

The psychology of color is the field of study that analyzes the effect of colors on perception and human behavior. The colors to paint could be included in three large groups attending to the sensations that cause: Warm, cold and neutral.
The warm colors ranging from yellows, through oranges, to reds. The cold colors, green, blue and purple. And the neutral colors, white, gray and black.

– Based on associations:

Certain colors are always associated with certain concepts being practically inseparable from each other. The most obvious example is the green color that has even come to function as the noun or name with which an attitude or responsible way of acting towards the environment is called.

– Volumetric reasons:

The ability to alter the volume sensation of space using color is well known. light colors increase the feeling of volume while transmitting light, fickle and light sensations. With the dark colors, the opposite happens. Likewise, the bright finishes accentuate these sensations while the satin and larger measures the mates tend to “reduce” the spaces and give greater weight to those surfaces that dye color.


There are different types of paint and each of them is indicated for a particular use.
Among the most common for commercial painting services we can find:

1.- Plastic paint or Latex

It is the most commonly used indoors to paint the wall, depending on its composition, can also be used outdoors. Most of the plastic or latex paints are washable once they dry they’re applied, as their solvent is water, it has to dry well to appreciate these properties.
Generally, plastic paints can be: acrylic or vinyl and are called emulsion paints. Ideal for all types of walls and ceilings (plaster, plasterboard, plaster, cement, stone, temper …).
• Acrylic plastic paint. It is the most resistant type of paint both for interior and exterior and has a greater waterproofing capacity when painting the walls (They resist mold and the effects of the Sun.
• Vinyl plastic paint. They offer greater versatility. Among its advantages, we can highlight the ease of application, high flexibility or a vague smell. In addition, high quality satin finishes can be obtained with surprising decorative effects.

2.- Painting synthetic enamel

They are very strong paints, composed of synthetic resins to the solvent and can have a matte, satin and glossy finish. They are highly decorative and protective, generally used to paint wood and metals. Although they can be applied on most supports.

3.- Acrylic enamel paint

As its name indicates its base are acrylic resins, as well as catalysts and pigments. They are soluble in water and have no odor, so they are indicated for use in poorly ventilated places.
They adhere to most supports such as synthetic enamels, with the advantage that they do not smell, dissolve with water and are more ecological.
They are used enough for artistic decoration.

4.- Varnishes

The most common varnishes are based on polyurethane and are differentiated by the solvent used: water, thinner or turpentine, oil.
It has waterproof properties, resistant to abrasion, and last several years. You can find them already mixed with wood or transparent dyes.

5.- Mineral or silicate paint

Based on liquid potassium silicate, minerals of natural origin and inorganic coloring pigments, the most important quality of these paints is that they adhere to the support through an insoluble chemical reaction called petrification, and do not form a surface film.
It is highly breathable or permeability to water vapor, ideal for use on walls with moisture problems to practice decorative effects on the walls.


If the time is not enough to take care of the housework you can hire Miami professionals to paint your home or office, with the best commercial painting services.

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