Marble Polishing


Marble is a compact metamorphic rock formed from limestone rocks that, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, reach a high degree of crystallization. In construction and interior decoration is one of the most sought after material and used for veined appearance, its variety of colors resistance, durability, and aesthetic touch, make marble a very appropriate material for use in floors and coatings in homes, offices, etc.

Its shiny finish provides an appearance of elegance and sophistication in an environment that is, so it is important to maintain proper care of this stone, so you do not lose the incredible properties it has. In addition, it is a very porous material, and therefore has a tendency to the appearance of spots or cracks.

The polishing of marble in Miami is a process carried out by experts, with the materials and equipment necessary to get the surface back to the original shine and the feeling that it is new.


Marble cleaning is a simple job, but even so, it must be done with extreme care. Among the care that can be offered regularly and at home is to clean it quickly whenever any liquid is spilled, otherwise, it can absorb it and leave a mark difficult to eliminate.

We can recommend two cleaning methods that can be done routinely at home, however, it should be noted that this is a superficial cleaning and may lose its shine over time.

Dry marble cleaning:

It is a very superficial cleaning, an effective method if you have a good vacuum cleaner. First of all, all dust must be removed with the vacuum cleaner, it is important that it has rubber wheels so as not to mistreat the surface. After this use a cotton cloth or dry microfiber to avoid stripes on the marble.

Wet cleaning:

This type of cleaning is more usual, less laborious but equally effective, you must be careful not to use any corrosive product, such as ammonia, lemon juice or bleach. These products gradually degrade the surface of the marble, ending with the brightness of it.

Simply apply the solution on the surface, then dry it with a cloth or mop of microfiber to absorb all the liquid so that it does not generate stains.


The maintenance of a marble surface in Miami also depends on the size, the state in which it is located, so it is important to identify what process it requires to recover its brightness and look like newly installed. There are two professional processes, which can be done in marble:

– Shiny marble:

It is a more superficial procedure than marble polishing, this is used to restore the shine to the surfaces of this material. This process includes the elimination of surface stains in this type of surfaces. The polishing is the action of crystallizing the marble to restore the shine, but if the surface is cracked, scratched or uneven, no change or solution to these problems will be obtained, for this the following process.

– Polish marble:

To the contrary of the previous process, when the material has been deteriorating with time, is deformed, cracked or mistreated, it is used in polished marble. In this process, the surface is sanded and this can even lose a few millimeters or centimeters. Through the polishing, deformations of footprints, scratches, that appear in the places of passage or with greater influx or transit, are eliminated.


The bathroom is one of the spaces of the house or office most used in the daily routine, so you can accumulate many soap residues or watermarks, which tend to accumulate on the smallest and narrowest surfaces such as tiles.
For the cleaning of the tiles, it is important, first, to identify which products you can use and which is your preference, always important to check that the product does not generate surface damage that may lose its properties.
Having a hand of experts on a regular basis, can reduce the time and improve results, in Miami we have all the professional care for cleaning tiles anywhere you are.


Soap is usually the product that most accumulates in the bathroom and normally generates waste that remains stuck in the walls, thus being able to generate stains that if not eliminated in time can cost much more with the passing of days.

If you want to clean at home, our recommendations are:
1.- In a sprinkler place the product, either a commercial product or soap diluted in water.
2.- Spray the tile with the product, specifically in the area where the stain is located or generate more waste.
3.- Let stand for a few minutes (approximately 3 to 5 minutes)
4.- With a sponge previously moistened with warm water, clean the tile and remove the product.
5.- Rinse with warm water.
6.- Dry with a cloth.


Another of the very usual homemade shapes used to clean bathroom tiles is to make it with a vinegar mixture. Vinegar is a product that can be obtained in any supermarket, it is easy to handle and very used when it comes to cleaning.

To be able to clean bathroom tiles with vinegar, you should:

1.- In a container, you should mix in equal parts of water and vinegar.

2.- For a better application, place that mixture in a sprinkler.

3.- Spray the tile with the mixture and let it rest.

4.- Remove with warm water and clean the tile with a sponge or damp cloth.


One of the areas of the house that you should keep always clean is the bathroom. It is the area of the bathroom that can be more affected due to the humidity that occurs. At the same time, it is the place where we carry out our personal hygiene, we apply products such as shampoo, soap and cleaning oils.

It is likely that at some point the mold will appear, due to the same combination of waste and humidity that is generated daily. But when it is presented, the important thing is to be prepared to eliminate it.

For the elimination of mold in the shower, you can use products such as bicarbonate and soap, ammonia or bleach. In any case, you must know the product to be implemented in order not to cause any accident or damage to the surface.

Remove the mold from the shower with baking soda and soap:

One of the cleaning tricks for this problem is mixing vinegar with baking soda, to make the mixture requires a cup of warm water, with three quarters of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda. The mixture must be well shaken and the ingredients mixed in the best way. Then apply directly to the parts of the shower where the mold is, wait a few minutes and remove with warm water

Remove the mold from the shower with ammonia

Applying ammonia to hard to clean areas is one of the best ways to remove mold from the shower. The mixture consists of placing a little ammonia with water and applying it to the areas where the mold is difficult to remove, wait a few minutes before beginning to clean.

Remove the mold from the shower with bleach

The tiles on the walls of the bathroom are an easy target for mold so the bleach will be very helpful. You can use a sprayer where the mixture of bleach and warm water is placed, shake it very well so that the two ingredients join well. Apply directly to all the walls and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then, with a brush or a sponge, rub the walls, rinse with warm water and remove the mold completely.


If the time is not enough to take care of the housework you can hire a Miami professional Cleaning Service to clean the bathroom and all the parts of your home that you need.

We use an advanced deep cleaning system to remove all types of bacteria, dirt, stains, leaving surfaces clean and glowing.

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