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12 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining the Taste of Your Food

  Can’t reach the cobwebs? Drag a helium balloon around them. Gone.   Coffee grinder a dirty mess? Grind uncooked white rice in there until the […]

5 Golden rules of polishing according Martha Stewart

Be gentle. Polishing wears off small amounts of metal each time, a crucial consideration for plated pieces—you can eventually rub right through the plating. Don’t polish […]

10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 2

Furniture Moving Trick To avoid scuffed floors when rearranging heavy pieces of furniture, fold two clean towels (dirty ones can scratch floors), place one under each […]

10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 1

Carryall Apron Before you throw out that old kitchen apron, stash your essential spring-cleaning supplies in the pockets and use it as you go from room […]