5 Golden rules of polishing according Martha Stewart

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5 Golden rules of polishing according Martha Stewart

  1. Be gentle. Polishing wears off small amounts of metal each time, a crucial consideration for plated pieces—you can eventually rub right through the plating. Don’t polish away patina: If you work hard to remove the tarnish from every crevice in a silverware pattern, for example, you’re reducing the contrasts of dark and light that show off that pattern.


  1. Use a good-quality product formulated for the specific metal (“all-purpose” polishes can be too harsh). Chemical dips are generally too strong and should be avoided.


  1. Look for a previous polishing pattern—often up-and-down on cutlery and circular on pots or other large pieces—and follow it.


  1. Use soft cotton cloths to polish; old T-shirts work well. Reserve a different cloth for each metal so you don’t mix products.


  1. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your metal treasures. Using silverware, for example, means that it’s getting washed more often, which helps keep tarnish at bay.


Source: http://www.marthastewart.com


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