21 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms – Part 1

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21 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms – Part 2
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21 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms – Part 1

house cleaning

I love to find cleaning tips for busy moms because we all want a clean home, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible. Between raising children, running errands and everything else life throws at us, a clean home can easily end up on the back burner if we let it. While it’s easy to let the house go, it’s not the best idea. A clean home is a comfortable and happy home. These 21 cleaning tips will help ensure the house stays nice and tidy.  Today I am partnering with Bounty to share some great tips in this sponsored post.  For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Bounty – the Quicker Picker Upper – has teamed up with one of the quickest women in the world, Olympic Sprinter and Four-Time Gold Medalist Allyson Felix.   Allyson Felix is quick on the track, but she’s also quick at home because she uses Bounty, which helps her clean up messes and spills in record time.


1) Have a Routine

When you know what you’re doing and where you’re headed, you’ll get things done quicker.  You can print out my list and use it in your house.  Keep everything that you need close at hand and use things that work.  I keep Bounty Paper towels with me when I go from room to room. (Bounty is 2X more absorbent so the roll can last 50% longer. vs. the leading ordinary brand so you can clean up messes and spills in record time)

2) Pick Up While You Clean

Clutter can hinder you from getting to what needs to be cleaned. So, as you clean, pick up and put things away.

3) Stock Up on Supplies

Instead of having all your cleaning supplies in one place, have multiples in several rooms. This way, you can do quick cleans.

4) Wash Toys in Laundry Bag

Everyone knows toys can get pretty grimy. Throw them into a mesh bag and into the washer and they’ll come out all clean.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide is Your Cleaning Buddy

Hydrogen peroxide is an awesome multi-purpose fluid. You can spray it on cuts or sores. But, it can also be used to clean mirrors, windows, and toilets.

6) Use Pillowcases on Fans

If you want to give your fans a quick clean without the mess, cover them with pillowcases and wipe.

7) Utilize your Vacuum

Instead of sweeping your floors, just use your vacuum. Many have floor options now and it will save you lots of time.  I love my robot vacuum!  I set it to run every morning at 9:00 am!

8) Clean Your Iron

Is your iron black and scorching your clothes? Use your iron on the steam setting and iron salt. It will clean right off.

9) Remove Pet Hair

Leave a lint roller in your living room so you can do quick wipe downs to remove pet hair.  (Leave another in your car to use before you get out)
10) Get Rid of Water Stains
Having a problem with water stains? Cut a few lemons in half and rub them on the problem areas. Give the acid time to work, then rinse everything off.
11) Use these for your windows

If you want streak free windows and mirrors, seriously try the Bounty towels with Dawn.  They are amazing.  I use them & then use a squeegee afterwards to wipe it off.


Source: http://www.yourmodernfamily.com/cleaning-tips-busy-moms/

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