10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 1

10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 2
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10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 1

10 Clever Cleaning Tricks, Part 2

Carryall Apron

Before you throw out that old kitchen apron, stash your essential spring-cleaning supplies in the pockets and use it as you go from room to room. It will leave your hands free to scrub and polish and you won’t have to lug a heavy cleaning bucket around the house.

To create storage compartments, turn up the bottom 12 to 18 inches of a long apron. Determine pocket widths by using the size of your cleaning supplies as guides. Stitch vertically using a sewing machine

Cleaning Powder Trick

Next time you peel the seal from a canister of cleaning powder, take it off only halfway. Keeping some of the holes covered gives you better control of the flow, so it won’t come pouring out.

Tarnish Remover

This simple chemical reaction causes tarnish to disappear naturally.

Linen Dust Shades

To protect books from dust, crisp lengths of linen can be hung from shelves. The technique, used in old Swedish libraries, also gives a neat appearance to uneven volumes. To make, measure the length of the shelf, and the distance from the shelf above to the top of the shortest book. Add 1 inch to all sides; cut prewashed linen to this size. Hem bottom and sides by 1 inch. Sew 1-inch-wide twill tape to top edge. Fasten to underside of shelf every 6 inches with upholsterers’ tacks or a strip of Velcro.

Better Bottle Washing

The drudgery of cleaning small-necked decanters and antique apothecary bottles can be avoided. One easy solution: Fill the bottles with water, drop in a tablet or two of a denture cleaner such as Efferdent, let stand overnight, then scrub with a narrow nylon brush.


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